Our Company offers full range shipping service for tankers on following functions.
Our HSEQ team carries out ISM, ISPS and MLC audits to ensure that the vessel is complying with the necessary standards and the company’s Safety Management System.
We provide safe management services which are geared to the proficient operation of a diverse range of vessels.
Tanker vessels have high safety and operational standards. So we proudly present that recruitment process is handling by our own Human Resources Department to arrange high experienced, trained, capable, certified and harmonies crews.
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SCOT Technical Management encompasses all services that maximize the operational efficiency and physical condition of a vessel throughout its working life, in compliance with the requirements of industry regulators.
We have huge experience and reliable contacts in every region of the world to supply any spare part, equipment, provision, medicine etc. in due time. Fast delivery is also carry out with high level quality.
SCOT operations and bunkering management system is an innovative information assisted management system for assessing loading and stowage plans, stability and sequential stresses, details of carried goods, multiple conditions, bunkers quantities-pre-delivery-in barge-after delivery with official reporting, port to port or period consumed quantities, assessing routes and weather, combined voyage or period performances, lay time calculations and off hires, employment and compliance with vessel’s particulars avoiding misdescription and subsequent claims against the owners interests.
Our chartering department is very dedicated in covering its requirements in a timely and professional manner and has succeeded in building up excellent standing relations with many first class international charterers and shippers. We are trading our tankers worldwide and meeting demands of charterers while never breaching sanction rules. Our chartering network covers all segments of liquid bulk cargo transportation and commodities, such as chemicals, vegetable oils, clean and dirty petroleum products. Our core geographical areas are Baltic, Continent, Med, Black Sea, US Gulf, South America and Carribeans. Our network also provides a solid post fixture and demurrage support.
Accounting and financial management system meets the highest standards of book keeping by using approved accounting procedures system within international quality standards. Financial reporting and electronic records fulfills professional acceptable standards of accounting requirements.
Ship Building
Owners have vast experience in ship building in Turkey. They had built and delivered 3 sophisticated chemical tankers and had experienced more then 20 docking in Turkey shipyards. We are ready to assist yourselves on your new building projects and your drydocking maintenance, special survey programs in Turkey.